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Man, I walked into DK for the first time, felt like how I used to feel walking into Gamestop as a shorty. They had everything I wanted plus more, but my money was kinda low. I looked over, seen these creamsickle KD 4s for a price I couldn't believer. I looked at the bottom and it said $30. I thought I was dreaming. I would of been a FOOOOL to let somebody else grab those for that price. Ever since then I haven't went to another sneaker store and that was back in September!


When I first saw the site, I was surprised to see how good the prices were. Ive made over a dozen purchases since, due to the quality and wide selection of shoes. By far the best place to buy kicks!

Juan M

Great place to cop kicks! Ive only bought 3 pairs but they were all steals!


DK always blesses me!

Corey M

My favorite place to cop shoes! 

Kirby T


Sold Out