On September 1st, we were unfortunately hit bad by Hurricane Ida and suffered unimaginable damage to our Mamaroneck store. We lost hundreds upon hundreds of shoes, supplies, fixtures, and personal items.

While we do have insurance, flood insurance was something that we did not have while we were not in a flood zone. We are 100% certain we can rise upon this disaster, however, we might not be able to recover the correct amount of insurance due to this flood.

We are not ones to ask for help but our dear friend Dave from Kick Addiction, a sneaker store in Mahopac, NY, created a GoFundMe to assist us in this disaster. If you are interested in donating, please click the link below. We appreciate all the love and support from everyone who has reached out. DK now, DK then, DK forever. WE WILL GET PAST THIS! <3

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We plan on opening our Westchester Mall location very soon. Until then, we have taken off all products online, as we have to sort through everything and take off many products that were affected by the massive flood that destroyed our Mamaroneck location. Follow us on Instagram @DirectKicks for future updates!